Mr Jeremy O'Rourke BMS (Hons)

Jeremy’s connection with Dio began at the beginning of 2010, when his daughter Alex began her secondary school education at the school.
Jeremy's wife Nicola (née Couch) and sister-in-law Julia also attended the school during the 1980s, and their mother Christine before them, so he also has some historical connections to tap into! Jeremy himself was educated at Woodstock School, Fairfield Intermediate, Hamilton Boys' High School and Waikato University. Although he was born in Havelock North, Jeremy regards himself as a true Hamiltonian, having grown up for 18 years on River Rd before branching out and forging a marketing career with Reebok NZ. He began a career in real estate shortly after getting married in 1996, and today is Managing Director of Lodge Real Estate. He is also the Chairman for NZ Realtors Ltd. Jeremy says that Dio has a great reputation for academic achievement but he admires the school for also encouraging its students to explore a variety of interests.