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Have you ever visited the Waikato Diocesan School Archives?  Do you know where they are situated?  Have you ever thought of donating your school memorabilia to the archives?  Would you be prepared to volunteer to help identify people in photographs or to deliver archival material for repair or restoration?

Depositing material in the school archives ensures that it will be available in perpetuity.  It could include photographs of people, buildings, special events or sports groups.  Publications such as school newspapers, newsletters, rules and handbooks, scrapbooks, newspaper cutting books, and particularly memorabilia from past pupils can be deposited in the archives.  Pupil workbooks, programmes and invitations to special events are of particular interest.  School uniforms, badges and other textile materials are stored in a special room in the archives.

If you have anything you believe may be of significance to the school history, please feel free to leave it at the school office or bring it to the archives on Fridays.  The archives are situated above the school dining hall.

ARCHIVIST: Susan Mellsopp
Phone: 07 855 2038